Charlie Denison - singer/multi-instrumentalist

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Solo show description: In case anybody wonders technically what I'm doing onstage these days, I'm playing a Godin guitar with acoustic and electric pickups (or my Sojing electric ukulele), playing drum sounds with my feet on a McMillen 12-step midi controller (and/or a tamborine strapped to my foot), looping that and creating live harmonies via Helicon Playlive Acoustic effects pedal, and then soloing (while those loops are playing) on guitar, harmonica and/or Novation Launchkey mini 2-octave keyboard, or creating loops first using that miniature keyboard with its drum pads, then playing over that, or, occasionally, playing guitar, keys, foot-drums and maybe harmonica, all live at the same time. Any backing tracks I use are ones I've made from scratch or edited from existing midi files online and then sung all the harmonies on, which I also produce for other musicians, using Reaper DAW software in the past and usually the ipad app Cubasis these days. In addition, I work in solo and dueling piano formats, and in bands on drums, bass, keys, mandolin, guitar, etc. Thanks for your interest and for listening!