Charlie Denison - singer/multi-instrumentalist

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Solo show description: Lately, at many gigs, I've been playing a Caramel (CB103 zebra wood 30”) acoustic/electric baritone ukulele (capo'ed for soprano uke songs) with no effects or looping on it or on my vocals, straight through my Bose P.A., using only the natural reverb and acoustics of the room or outdoor area I'm playing, even doing country songs that way.

Previous and occasional current setup: I'm playing a Godin guitar with acoustic and electric pickups (or my Sojing electric ukulele), playing drum sounds with my feet on a McMillen 12-step midi controller (and/or a tamborine strapped to my foot), looping that and creating live harmonies via Helicon Playlive Acoustic effects pedal, and then soloing (while those loops are playing) on guitar, harmonica and/or Novation Launchkey mini 2-octave keyboard, or creating loops first using that miniature keyboard with its drum pads, then playing over that, or, occasionally, playing guitar, keys, foot-drums and maybe harmonica, all live at the same time. Any backing tracks I use are ones I've made from scratch or edited from existing midi files online and then sung all the harmonies on, which I also produce for other musicians, using Reaper DAW software in the past and usually the ipad app Cubasis these days. In addition, I work in solo and dueling piano formats, and in bands on drums, bass, keys, mandolin, guitar, etc. Thanks for your interest and for listening!